Tile Retailer

PROJECT: Logo and print collateral design for tile retailer, offering a wide range of wall and floor porcelain tiles for interiors and exteriors.

THE BRIEF: To design a modern, clean, high-end logo and branded print assets (in the form of flyers and roll-up) and a FB page cover.

THE SOLUTION: First of all, an adaptive combination mark was designed. An abstract, geometric logo symbol, which is made of hexagons placed in the way that it looks like 3D shapes/ cubes, implies spaces, walls and floor which can be decorated with tiles. The geometry and cleanliness of the symbol were balanced with a lightweight sans-serif typeface combining curvy geometric shapes and straight lines that suggest elegance and contemporary. Gold gradient and dark violet add a touch of sophistication. The collateral design encompasses branded shapes – outlined polygons – and is complemented with a well-selected typeface and clean home interior photographs. All designed in the same style to maintain consistency.