Psychotherapy Centre

THE BRIEF: To design a logo and develop a visual identity for a newly established psychotherapy centre.

THE SOLUTION: “Būk sau šviesa” is the brand name of this centre. Derived from Lithuanian “Būk sau šviesa” means “Be the light to yourself “. This conception is driven by the idea, that each of us has a right to be happy and self-satisfied. The best way to do this is to figure out what are the most important things in our life – this is the way into our actual self-discovery, remembrance, opening up. And there helps psychotherapy, that allows to sort out the chaos in life and restore faith in the future. We start to love ourselves, that’s how we start to become what we always wanted to be (the light to ourselves).

Logo. Logotype combines a word-mark “Būk sau šviesa” and a symbol of The Hands of Light. A combination logo has been selected due to its excellent alternative for a start-up company to build brand recognition because a combination logo is both visually strong and explanatory. This logo can be split apart, giving the ability to use the text or the symbol independently if the situation calls for it.

Shapes: The rounded, soft shapes and neutral style combination in logo creates a friendly, warm and at the same time professional and credible image of the company.

Colours: Four colours were used while creating a logo, which aims to reveal the image characteristics of a company. Orange and its shades – an invitation to come, friendliness, comfort. Blue – calmness, reliability, spirituality, professionalism. Both these colours harmoniously complement each other. To convey the sense of purity all components of branding (A4 Blank, Brochure, Appointment Reminder, ID Card, Business card) were designed on white background.