TrustHemp is an organic hemp superfood retailer, based in Lithuania. While nowadays, much of the food available on supermarket shelves is processed, containing little to no nutritional value, TrustHemp aims to provide consumers with high-quality, natural, nutrition-packed products of hemp to improve one’s well-being and not only nurture the body, but the soul as well.


All products are made from organically grown hemp. The assortment includes Whole Hemp Seeds, Hulled Hemp Seeds, Hemp Oil, Cannabis Flour, Cannabis Tea, Cannabis Protein for Athletes. All these products are packed with a vast amount of vitamins and nutrients, thus are perfect for vegetarians and vegans as a source of protein replacing meat. It also has a lot of other substances that greatly improve the health of a person. The products are completely natural, grown without any fertilizers or chemicals and GMO-free.


TrustHemp team contacted me for a logo design and brand identity development. They wanted to have a modern, clean, minimalist and at the same time trustworthy combination mark as well as strong branding. It was essential not only to creates a clear identity among its target audiences but also reveal numerous advantages of products the company provides.

To ensure all brand elements are applied consistently across all marketing and communication materials, I had to prepare a brand book with a set of rules about how to represent the brand across channels and assets, helping TrustHemp build credibility and recognition as they grow. In addition to that, I was requested to design packaging for TrustHemp products – hemp protein powder, hulled hemp seeds and unhulled hemp seeds.


Logo. TrustHemp logo represents the merged approach, where modern and traditional aspects come together. Serif lettering of the logotype portrays the sense of traditional and trustworthy brand. This is based on the idea, that hemp has a long history of human use. Geometric sans-serif typeface of the tagline and simplistic logo icon embodies the modern and future-oriented traits of the brand.

The hemp leaf rises from the word ‘hemp’, symbolizing a sunrise in this way emphasizing the idea that the main source of TrustHemp products – hemp seeds – are said to be the most nutritionally complete food source in the world. Hence hemp must be embraced, cherished and respected like we respect our mother sun.


Brandbook. I prepared brand guidelines to explain TrustHemp brand identity and demonstrate brand standards, which will help every future designer and marketer, as well as new employees or partners, present TrustHemp brand consistently and clearly. The brand book covers two main aspects of the brand:


  • All about the logo (concept, variations, colour usage, Dos and DONTs, etc.);
  • All about colours (logo, primary and secondary palettes);
  • Brand elements (brand pattern, symbol);
  • Examples of implementation of brand elements;
  • Typography & hierarchy;
  • Imagery selection and style;
  • Designed iconography;
  • Social Media visual guidelines;

Linguistic Aspects and Brand Intro:

  • Mission, vision, key values.
  • Brand concept;
  • Target audience definition;
  • Brand tagline;
  • The tone of voice.


IKOMS. Freelance Graphic Designer | Testimonials

"We had an excellent experience working with “IKOMS” ! Excellent service and final products. We got exactly what we wanted! Everything on time! Fully recommended!"

Ignas Nekraševičius
TrustHemp | Co-Founder

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