Clothing Brand

PROJECT: Minimalist logo for a clothing brand named “Svarūpa” inspired by Sacred Geometry. The brand is going to sell black & white colour clothing, mostly t-shirts for men with its carefully detailed minimal impressions that combine simple formations to produce thought-provoking wearable pieces of art.

CLIENT: The person behind this business idea is a well-known DJ and Minimal/Techno Music producer from Sri Lanka, India – Shannon Davin – to whom I made a logo and banner design lately. (Check it out here). According to him, despite the fact that the brand will be based in Sri Lanka, he will be looking forward to selling his products internationally.

Svarūpa means a form of one’s self in Sanskrit.

Svarūpa: own form; true nature; true form. Drawing its core inspiration from these three values and parallel art forms, Svarūpa brings a fresh take on menswear.  Each season will act as a showcase for a selected artist/designer who will work in collaboration with Svarūpa, setting the tone and providing their own artistic production which will be the central focus of each line.”

Shannon says that he had always wanted to infuse music and fashion together. So this is like a touch of Minimal music into fashion – his dream-come-true!

THE BRIEF: It was requested the logo to have an input of sacred geometry. Sharp figures, for example, triangles, thin lines, and the minimalistic distinctive typeface is the priority.

THE SOLUTION: I love creating meaningful designs! So after research, I found inspiration in hexagonal/ circular alignment (incorporating elements of Sri Yantra) – The Drum of Shiva – in Hinduism illustrating harmonic ratios of music and symbolizing the act of the creation of the universe through sound. Sri Yantra is an ancient Hindu symbol comprised of nine triangles that are interlaced in such a way as to form 43 smaller triangles. These triangles represent the cosmos and the human body. Everything is connected by the structure of space.

The logo was designed to be adaptive to the context. So, depending on the situation, it is going to be possible to use brand’s logo as logotype (only name), logotype + icon (both horizontal as well as vertical versions), and, as the icon only that works perfectly in a small framework.