Mindeko Construction

PROJECT: Logo and business cards design for a construction company Mindeko Construction AB based in Sweden. Mindeko provides all services related to construction – from roofing and facade renovation to interior works.

THE BRIEF: To design a modern, minimalist, clean, masculine logo representing the company and its services.

THE SOLUTION: Firstly it was decided to create a combination logo, which is both visually strong and informative. The logo consists of the name of the company, symbol, and a tagline, which explains the company’s services – Alla Bygg Job (All Construction Works).

The symbol is a stylized 3D house/building, referring to the company’s services.  Three main colours were used while creating a logo, which intends to reveal the image characteristics of a company. Hot colours – yellow, orange and red – represent confidence, optimism, energy creativity and effective problem-solving. Blue symbolizes confidence and stability.

The logo design is responsive. This means it has four different layouts – full horizontal and vertical versions, badge and a symbol –  which can be used depending on the situation or marketing material.