Real Estate Boutique

PROJECT: Logo design for a real estate investment company based in Ohio, USA, that provides exceptional rental properties in desirable communities. In other words, boutique purchases small multifamily properties and rent to middle and upper-middle-class families for short-term and long-term stays.

THE BRIEF: To create an original chic minimalist logo. Simple, yet bold and absorbing. One that demands someone’s attention, if for nothing else, for its tasteful artistry.

THE SOLUTION: Logo was designed by taking the prominent characters – GF10 – from the business name, stylizing and using them as an icon of the abstract logo. In this way, a monogram brand-mark was designed that would stand out among the competition. There were also created a variety of layouts for the logo, including ones with and without the tagline, so that company has lots of versatility depending on where their logo is going to be used.

Colours play an important role in the logo design. The primary colour palette consists of two colours: very saturated dark cold bluish cyan and unsaturated light warm orange. For the bare eye, this combination looks like dark green & gold, which gives the logotype an upscale feel, especially when combined with the minimalist, geometric shapes of the typography and symbol.