Music Producer

PROJECTLogo design for an Electronic Music Producer from Antwerp, Belgium. As Gletsjer says, this project is a bit dark, abstract and inspired by personal events, nature and many great artists like Hidden Empire, Artbat or Stephan Bodzin.

THE BRIEF: To design a minimalist, geometric, clean and compact word-mark for a Music Producer who heads in the direction of Techno music.

THE SOLUTION: As you can guess, Gletsjer translated from Dutch means Glacier. So while creating and designing, I had in mind mountains, glaciers, volcanoes AS triangles and quadrangles. Because of the need to create a logotype, not a logo-mark, I had to shape the letters of the logo geometrically into sleek and compact entirety which finally created minimal and eye-catching word-mark. Regarding the colours – not totally black (as it is usual in graphic design of Artists and Record Labels in Techno music industry) but a saturated very dark cold azure (dark blue) was chosen as a primary colour of the logo design in order to reflect the idea of glaciers.