Construction Company

PROJECT: Logo for a construction company.

THE SOLUTION: Firstly it was decided to create a combination logo, which is both visually strong and explanatory. This logo consists of the name of the company ‘Masana’, symbol, and text, which describes the company’s services (Construction | Renovation | Facing).

Inspired by constructing, the symbol based on the letter ‘M’ (Masana) was obtained from a cube. Two main colours were used while creating a logo, which aims to reveal the image characteristics of a company. Yellow represents confidence, optimism and it is related to the expression and integration of new ideas. Grey colour is neutral and serious, it represents knowledge, security, longevity and works great with other colours, such as yellow. The logo also can be used in a variety of different colour combinations (on grey/white/yellow background).

This logo can be split apart, giving the ability to use the name of a company and symbol (on the left or top of the word-mark) or the symbol alone if the situation calls for it.