Ambient Music Label

CLIENT: Hikuri Neira Records.

THE PROJECT: Logo and album cover artwork design for an Ethno Ambient / Tropical Bass / Downtempo Record Label named ‘Hikuri Neira‘ (sub-label of Tlaloc Records). The label is based in Riviera Maya, Mexico. It characterizes and preserves ancestral sound textures of the earth and its’ inhabitants.

THE BRIEF: For the logo, to design a logotype, which would represent Huichol Indian culture, religion, mythology. The Huichol Indians are a small tribe living in central-western Mexico.  Their shamans and healers practice today as they have for generations. Like many indigenous American groups, Huichols have traditionally used the peyote (hikuri) cactus in religious rituals.

One of the principal deities in Huichol religion is Deer and Peyote, that’s why it is required that symbol of the logo consist of it. Also, the logo should be monochrome (black/white)  and geometrical.

THE SOLUTION: The logo was created by the inspiration of Huichol Art. Logotype includes the hand-drawn symbol (deer with a peyote cactus, rising from its’ third eye) and the name of label ‘Hikuri Neira’ in a modern Native-American-style typeface. Album cover concepts born from Native American art style – Aztec ornaments.