Furniture Manufacturer

PROJECT: Jakuta – furniture manufacturing service centre based in Lithuania, Kaunas –  contacted me with the need for a landing page, banners for Google Ads and business cards design. The company produces furniture, sells engineered wood and various furniture fittings. They also provide services for other furniture companies (B2B) and people who want to make the furniture themselves (B2C). These services include plate cutting, edge lamination, drilling and milling performed only with the high-quality technologies. These are exact four services the landing page must be created for.  The company’s goal is to raise awareness of these services among their target audience (other furniture companies and people who make the furniture themselves) and to encourage potential customers to get in touch or inquire for more information.

“We want our business take root and to be known in this area. We are currently not receiving the necessary conversions because of the abundance of information and no specific call to action buttons, so we can’t say how effective the ad is. Therefore, this landing page should help us to narrow down the information, distinguish our 4 services and promote them.”

THE BRIEF: Landing page should be clean, bright, clear and look solid. In order the visitor would instantly understand what the company is all about, the hero image should consist of the photographs of the company’s core cutting centre technology and furniture plates as well as supporting text and CTA buttons. Afterwards, on the long-scroll page, should go the list of services, list of company’s pros, testimonials and contact section with the map and contact form. Google banners should, of course, reflect the landing page.

Regarding the business cards, double-sided card design was requested, where one side should consist of the company’s logo, a list of services/products and the persons’ contact information and another one – of the brief info of their partners – Sevroll – whose official representative in Lithuania Jakuta is.

THE SOLUTION: To maintain the minimalist and clean appearance of the landing page, white and pastel yellow (inspired by wood) colours were selected for the most background. To grab visitors’ attention, some of the elements were coloured in saturated yellow and blue (colours from the logo palette). The header of the site will be fixed (follows the screen when scrolling) and menu links will work as anchor links, which will allow the user to instantly jump to the section that they’re interested in.

To represent the four main services of the company, dedicated visual elements were designed for each. The elements and shapes cascade throughout the whole landing page, creating a dynamic look.


“Jakuta baldų įmonė dėkoja Indrei už atsakingumą, kruopštumą bei greitą ir kokybišką grafikos darbų išpildymą. Tikimės bendradarbiausime ir ateityje!

Jakuta furniture company thanks Indre for reliability, diligence and fast & high-quality graphic design services. We look forward to working together in the future!”

– Mantas Jakutavičius | Head of Marketing