Game-Focused Webshop

PROJECT: Logo and e-shop, where items of game ‘Growtopia’ (World locks and Diamond locks) are going to be sold worldwide.

THE BRIEF: For the logo, it was needed to make something in cartoon style – friendly, playful and cheerful.

For the website, it was requested not only to design it, but also to build it so that it would be ready to launch. Dark background for the e-shop was required. There was also mentioned, that shop should have a multi-language option, an integrated live chat and be responsive (an approach to web design which makes web pages render well on a variety of devices and window or screen sizes).

THE SOLUTION: Logo. A playful typeface, bright yellow colour, which evokes a pleasant and cheery disposition in people and lends a sense of happiness and optimism, and an iconic lock from the game ‘Growtopia’  created that cartoon look. To make the logo stand out, even more, it was decided to give the logotype a 3D effect.

Website. To keep the visual identity of the brand, yellow (of course) was chosen as the website’s featured colour. It attracts the eye and highlights the important elements in the design. Furthermore, bright yellow fits perfectly with the dark grey background. Friendly-looking Geometric sans serif typeface (Poppins) was used.

E-shop was built in WordPress using WooCommerce. For the language option –  free of cost Google translator plugin was installed, which lets a user translate the site in a huge variety of different languages (does that in a not very accurate way, but helps a lot for those who doesn’t understand English at all). E-shop design is responsive, which means that design and development respond to the user’s behaviour and environment based on screen size, platform and orientation.