Music Producer & DJ

PROJECT: Logo design for a Belgian Melodic Deep Tech music producer and DJ – Mäzel. Producers that inspire Mäzel are Einmusik, Musumeci, Tale of Us, Yotto Kölsch, Solomun, Acumen, Artbat. I was also requested to design a banner for Social Media.

THE BRIEF: Characteristics of Mäzel and his future logo: dark, mysterious, tech-minded, simple/clean/minimalist. Type of the logo: Combination Mark. Colours: dark red, brown, black. Mäzel is Uzbek for Labyrinth, so I was approached to portray that visually.

THE SOLUTION: Logo symbol incorporates four stylized ‘M’ letters, interleaved to resemble a motif of a labyrinth. It is twinned with thin-lined typography of the logotype, to communicate minimalism and simplicity. For the banner, I decided to do the 3D rendering for the logo icon. In this way creating visual which looks like the labyrinth is being viewed from above.