Electronic Music Producer

PROJECT: Logo design for an Electronic Music Producer from Chicago, Illinois, who is currently going through re-branding. The music, he is currently producing, supports a darker more hard-cutting aesthetic. He makes a hard-hitting house that embodies darker vibes.

“I’ve recently taken a 180 with my style and need to do the same with my logo/aesthetic. A lot of my music now incorporates samples from 1940’s/50’s thriller/horror/action films in almost like a noir/sin city manor”

THE BRIEF: The artist requested me to design a minimalist but at the same time bold wordmark that isn’t like every other DJ in the industry. He pointed out the main characteristic of the logo-to-be: big and bold but not too blocky; expressing a darker and harder feeling but not too edgy and flamboyant. It was preferred the “3 P’s” or the one “O” to be illustrated a little bit more.

THE SOLUTION: To meet the wants and needs of the artist, an impactful and uncluttered lettermark was designed. Using carefully selected typeface it was decided to apply loose tracking for logotype not only to ensure readability and comprehension at smaller sizes but also to create a more airy, open field. Letter “O” was turned into an abstract element, giving the artist an ability to use it separately as a symbol or branded accent.


“I’m blown away with the final product of my logo! The best part about working with IKOMS is that she has a creative direction that perfectly compliments your own vision to come up with a graphic that suits you perfectly. There was crystal clear, quick communication throughout the whole process and I was treated with sheer generosity. Highly recommend!”

– Jonah Joseph