Clothing Brand

THE PROJECT: Logo design for a clothing retailer. The company is going to sell apparel somewhere between casual and formal style.

THE BRIEF: To design a logo, which is going to be used on clothing labels. It was requested that the logo would be minimalist and look like a patch.

THE SOLUTION: It was important to reflect two things: casual (simple & clean style) and formal (serious & elegant style). That was conveyed by using the bold Sans-Serif typeface for the text and simple styling of hills as the additional element. Care was taken to make sure that the iconic elements of the logo were suitable for being used as a stamp or sewn on the label. To represent formality, black colour was chosen, as it is associated with power, elegance and sophistication. The logo can be used in white colour as well. To give it a little bit old-fashioned / hipster look, there can be used logo’s grained version.