Good Graphic Design is a

Business Investment.

"If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design."







Why is good graphic design important? Well, it can definitely be an integral step in the process of establishing and maintaining a successful business.

It is not a secret, that we, humans, are not only rational but also emotional creatures and most of us are visually driven. Aesthetically created, eye-catching material engages and attracts, creates a sense of professionalism and good tone.

There are numerous more reasons why design is a key element of an outstanding business. You can read more about it in this great article.

The pricing

Since each client, project, approach, and strategy is unique, it would be difficult and unfair to sell a pre-packaged solution associated with a fee that is “right” for every client. Because of that, I price all my works on a project basis with a defined scope, after I’ve had cleared out the details of the project and reviewed what is going to be needed. By determining the level of effort of the entire project, I give a price that I consider is fair to both parties.

The cost of a project depends on a few things:

Turnaround Time

If you require a rushed time frame for your project, I may be able to accommodate, however, the cost will be higher. Good design takes time. It’s best to approach projects in an un-rushed manner whenever possible.

Amount of Concepts

I always start from at least 3 concepts but if you are not sure what you need or like yet and would like to see more ideas before making a decision, then, in fact, more design time is involved, which can increase the price of a project.

Number of Revision Rounds

The amount of revisions varies from client to client. Most of my design projects needed 2-4 revisions. But if that is not enough for you, we can increase the number of them. I am lenient with revisions and requests as long as my time and efforts are respected.

Basically, we can agree on the cost and scope regarding the project in two ways:

  1. You presume your budget for a project and I describe what I’m able to provide for this specific amount.
  2. You consider the things you need to be done and I give a price for the project (see the list below).

Logo & Brand Design

I create clean, modern and aesthetic logos for existing or newly established business and brand identities that interests and retains loyal customers.

Things on what price depends and what you should consider:

  • Type of Logo (Wordmark, Combination Mark, Emblem, etc.)
  • Amount of Revision Rounds
  • Turnaround time

Note Regarding Concepts

Because of the unpredictable and organic process of logo creation, it’s impossible to determine how many different concepts I’ll be able to create in the allotted work hours for a project. Sometimes I’m able to offer multiple designs to choose from, and sometimes only one. Rather than wasting time on sub-par concepts or trying to fill a quota of X number of logos required, I instead focus on the best ideas and perfecting them. I’ve found that this “quality over quantity” approach offers the best results and frees up project time for other tasks.

Final Package:

Logo Files

Can be provided in 8 different formats – .ai .jpg .png .pdf .eps .psd. .gif .tff – you decide which of these you will need.


Color Specifications

This is the file which explains what colors were used in logo design.  Color Specs file ensures that your brand colors will match across different applications.

Brand Book

Brand book – is a visual style guide, showing how all content should be designed.  Elements include logo usage rules, primary color palette, secondary color palette, and typography recommendations.

File Usage Guide

In fact different type of file, you will need if you’re printing something and will be different than if you’re adding a logo to a website. File types and what you need to use and why is explained in this document.

Stationery Design

Business stationery covers every aspect of your printed communications – with customers, suppliers and even between different people in your business. The types of stationery most businesses require include business cards, envelope, letterhead, etc.

Website Design & Building

I design and build conversion oriented & clean sites always with user experience in mind.

Things on what price depends and what you should consider:

  • Number of pages
  • Content provision (Copy, Video, Images, etc.)
  • Amount of Revision Rounds
  • Turnaround time

Final Package:

WordPress, Squarespace or .psd Website

If you need only a website design, it will be designed in Adobe Photoshop, and in the final stage, you will receive a .psd file. If you decide to have a Website built in WordPress, at the end you will have totally completed website, ready to be launched. Furthermore, you will be able to make your own edits later without any coding experience.


Custom Banner Design

Picture paints a thousand words!
If needed I can design custom banners for your site and select royalty-free or totally free stock photos for your new website.

Website Usage Guide

This is .pdf format file explaining how to add and edit your sites’ content.

E-Commerce integration

Need an e-shop?  No problem.


Website copywriting or simply copy is a carefully crafted quality text content of your site. It is the thread that tells your clients what you do and compels them to take action. Furthermore, the tags and descriptions are created so that they meet Google’s guidelines for character counts and optimum keyword placement.

Website Design and Building for a Techno & Minimal Record Label | IKOMS. Graphic Design

Graphic Design

I provide all kind of Graphic Design works for digital assets.

Things on what price depends and what you should consider:

  • Number of Artworks
  • Amount of Revision Rounds
  • Turnaround time

Final Package:

  • Banners Social Media Channels
  • Website Banner Ads
  • Graphic Artwork for Music Album Cover
  • Photoshop / Photo-Manipulation of Photos / Images
  • Presentation (e.g. PowerPoint) Design
  • Apparel Design, etc.
Facebook Company Page Design | IKOMS. Graphic Design

! Please Note

Services are not limited to those listed above. If you need something different, I’m happy to put together a custom proposal. A non-refundable deposit (~30-50%) will be required prior to project initiation. This deposit reserves your time in my production schedule.

Wanna make something together?


If you have any ideas or projects in mind and you would like to hire me to work on, or if you have something we could collaborate on, please feel free to get in touch!

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