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Who I Am

Howdy! I’m Indre Komskyte – IKOMS – a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Bremen, Germany. I remotely work with clients, usually ambitious start-ups and entrepreneurs, from all around the globe. My intention is to help small business grow by creating unique & effective digital assets with interest evoking content.

I’m not only a visual artist but a music producer as well. I love to experiment with various forms of creation and challenge myself at every opportunity. I love nature. It’s stillness, contentment, simplicity adores and inspires me continually.

IKOMS. Freelance Graphic Designer | About me

What I'm Fond of

IKOMS. Freelance Graphic Designer | WEB Design & Building


Music helps me relax and enjoy the present moment. I listen to Minimal Techno, IDM, DNB, Future Garage and similar stuff!

IKOMS Freelance graphic designer | About | What I am fond of - Reading


I love books about personality development, spirituality and subconsciousness. Those help me grow as a person.

IKOMS Freelance graphic designer | About | What I am fond of - Deep Talks


What can be better than a deep & meaningful conversation and connection with
like-minded people?

IKOMS Freelance graphic designer | About | What I am fond of - Creation


Producing music or creating graphic design artworks is a meditation for me. That’s why my work is my greatest passion.

My Skills

I specialize in Brand & Logo Design and Print & Graphic Design (ranging from digital banners & landing pages to the print world of billboards and posters). Nevertheless, I’m the most passionate about Website Design & Building on the WordPress Content Management System.

Web Design & Building

Logo & Brand Design

Print & Graphic Design


Layout 94%
Styling 89%
Typography 87%


WordPress 91%
Squarespace 89%
HTML5 & CSS 80%


Adobe Photoshop 88%
Adobe Illustrator 83%
Adobe InDesign 85%

Wanna make something together?


If you have any ideas or projects in mind and you would like to hire me to work on, or if you have something we could collaborate on, please feel free to get in touch!

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