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Howdy! I’m Indre Komskyte – IKOMS – a Freelance Graphic Designer. I remotely work with clients, usually ambitious start-ups and entrepreneurs, from all around the globe and specialize in Brand & Logo Design, Website Design & Building and Advertising design.

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"The greatest ideas are the simplest." - WILLIAM GOLDING

Embrace Simplicity

I Help Small Businesses Grow..

..by creating unique & at the same time effective digital assets with interest evoking content.

Website Design and Building | IKOMS. Graphic design
Web Design & Building

Websites or e-commerce stores, designed and optimized for all devices and created on one of the most powerful CMS - WordPress.

Logo & Brand Design | IKOMS. Graphic design
Brand & Logo Design

Clean, modern and aesthetic logo for your existing or newly established business and brand identity that interests and retains loyal customers.

Print & Graphic Design
Print & Graphic Design

All kind of graphics ranging from digital banners & landing pages to the print world of billboards, brochures, posters and beyond.

Conversion Oriented & Clean Sites With User Experience in Mind.
Website Design & Building

Conversion Oriented & Clean Sites Created With User Experience in Mind.

Logo & Brand Design | IKOMS. Graphic design
Logo & Brand Design

Custom Logos and Brand Identity Development for Various Industries.

Print & Graphic Design | IKOMS. Graphic design
Print & Graphic Design

Digital Banners, Album Covers, Business Cards, Brochures, Posters, Flyers & Beyond.


Hello there!

I am Indre Komskyte – a Freelance Graphic Designer based in Bremen, Germany. I specialize in Brand & Logo Design and Print & Graphic Design (ranging from digital banners & landing pages to the print world of billboards and posters). Nevertheless, I’m the most passionate about Website Design & Building on the WordPress Content Management System. However, I crave challenging myself and taking risks at every opportunity, so I’m open to any kind of Graphic Design Project offers. Have an idea in mind? I’d love to hear from you!

Need more info about what I do?


Graphic Design | Research Phase


I prepare a design brief that helps me to learn about your business and set goals for the project.

Graphic Design | Concept Phase


Then I come up with 2-6 ideas, explain the rationale behind them and why they’d be successful.

Graphic Design | Design Phase


Here I work revising the concepts so it meets the goals outlined and makes you fully satisfied.

Graphic Design | Delivery Phase


The most exciting part of the work! I deliver the files to you. If you want, I help you to launch the project.




If you have any ideas or projects in mind and you would like to hire me to work on, or if you have something we could collaborate on, please feel free to get in touch!

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